Attract, Convert, Retain - Technology is Web Trading’s Key Differentiator

Attract: The science behind the front-end interface and information processing

We’ve seen many trends in the last few years, but the most powerful and noticeable is the pace of investments being made in FX and capital markets front-end technology. And there’s a good reason why -  according to ...

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ChartIQ Launches New WebTrader User Interface


Today, ChartIQ announces the release of an entirely new user interface for our WebTrader for MT4 platform. The new user interface has been redesigned around two concepts—product differentiation and user friendly, cross-platform technology. 

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HTML5 Applications and Security

It is not difficult to operate software in a secure environment: disconnect from the Internet, move the host computer into a vault, and limit physical access to vetted users. This is exactly how governments protect their most sensitive information. Obviously this solution won’t work for...

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Top 5 MT4 WebTrader Platform Capabilities Every Broker Should Consider

1) Hostability - How is your web trading platform being hosted? 

With new technology in WebTrader platforms, brokers have flexibility - if you aren’t feeling this as a broker, you may not be using the best tools.  Brokers now have the option to either host and maintain web trading solutions...

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JavaScript Charting Libraries: HTML5 Canvas vs. SVG

In the development and build out of our core product, HTML5 Charting Library, ChartIQ weighed which technology would deliver the best performance for our time series charting library.

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DMM Australia Launches ChartIQ WebTrader

DMM Australia, a division of DMM Group, has launched ChartIQ's WebTrader for MT4, delivering our market-leading web forex trading platform for free to all of their Australian account holders.  DMM Australia is the first FX broker in the Australian market to offer our advanced web trader, and...

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eToro Launches ChartIQ charting!

Another week, another big ChartIQ launch.  Our friends over at eToro, the world's largest social trading network, launched ChartIQ charts for their WebTrader!  Right now, our charts are only live on the web platform, but will be making their way to OpenBook and the eToro mobile apps for iOS and...

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QuantConnect Launches New Version with ChartIQ Charting

The fine folks over at QuantConnect launched a new version of their free, web-based backtesting engine, featuring ChartIQ's HTML5 stock and forex charts.  We're thrilled to see our charts in websites, mobile apps, trading front ends, etc., but QuantConnect is the first backtesting company we've...

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Leverate Launches HTML5 Trading Platform

Our partners over at Leverate today announced the new version of their HTML5-based Sirix FX trading platform, featuring ChartIQ charts. It's really nice to see companies like Leverate take our HTML5 Charting Library and build powerful charting solutions and trading tools for brokerages from it.

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Redefining Financial Visualization - Interview at TABB Forum

On a recent trip to New York to present at FinTech Connect, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the guys at TABB Group.  TABB is a research and advisory firms that that exclusively focuses on the capital markets. After about an hour of chatting with their founders, we headed to a video...

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