3 Ways Google Maps Inspired UI/UX Design for WebTrader


When comparing forex trading and technical analysis tools on the market, one thing stands out - most all forex platforms look and deliver the exact same experience. So what advantage does one tool have over another? The answer is little, if anything.

When we were refining our...

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Attract, Convert, Retain - Technology is Web Trading’s Key Differentiator

Attract: The science behind the front-end interface and information processing

We’ve seen many trends in the last few years, but the most powerful and noticeable is the pace of investments being made in FX and capital markets front-end technology. And there’s a good reason why -  according to ...

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ChartIQ Launches New WebTrader User Interface


Today, ChartIQ announces the release of an entirely new user interface for our WebTrader for MT4 platform. The new user interface has been redesigned around two concepts—product differentiation and user friendly, cross-platform technology. 

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The Bridge to HTML5: The Extra Mile of Design

Considerations for HTML5 Containers

Containers, of course, are not all wine and roses. Working within a container exposes new considerations for HTML5 developers and requires some rethinking about design and technique. It is critical to put the extra work in, otherwise, your desktop-based...

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Part 2 of 2: Enhancing Clarity through UX Design


The Paradox of Choice

In the past, veteran users of fintech products attributed the “power” of software to having a myriad of functions available at their fingertips. For new traders, however, having too many choices can be debilitating. Barry Schwartz’s decade-old TED talk, The Paradox of...

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Part 1 of 2: The Importance of UX in Financial Applications

Context: Fintech and UX

Asking for a designer’s input on how to clean up any interface involving financial data feels like a throwback to the early days of an airplane cockpit design. You have an interface that is almost filled entirely with indicators, levers and gauges, with identical switches...

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