3 Keys to Building a First Class Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading Platform

Cryptocurrency is today’s version of the California Gold Rush. Everyday , crypto exchanges are popping up for those early and eager crypto traders reading to dig into the Wild West. The phenomenon has very quickly transformed how the financial industry, and the individual, invests and makes...

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8 Steps of Building a Technical Analysis Application for Mobile

Building a technical analysis application for mobile is no easy feat, even for the experienced developer. However, with the right game plan, team, and tools, it’s possible to build a great technical analysis app for assets such as stocks, forex, and cryptocurrency in a short period of time.


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The Bridge to HTML5: The Extra Mile of Design

Considerations for HTML5 Containers

Containers, of course, are not all wine and roses. Working within a container exposes new considerations for HTML5 developers and requires some rethinking about design and technique. It is critical to put the extra work in, otherwise, your desktop-based...

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The Importance of UX in Financial Applications

[Last updated April 13, 2018]

Context: Fintech and UX

Asking for a designer’s input on how to clean up a financial interface involving heavy amounts of market data feels like a throwback to the early days of an airplane cockpit design. You have an interface that is almost filled entirely with...

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