The Bridge to HTML5: Going "All In" with Containers

Using Containers for your HTML5 Build

Developers of new applications can consider going “all in” by starting their projects with an HTML5 “container.” A container is a platform that embeds Chromium into a native shell, so that a developer doesn’t need to actually write any C++ to build their...

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The Bridge to HTML5: Integrate HTML5 Into Your Technology Stack

Many developers today, as much as 37%, are not implementing HTML5 at all or only somewhat in their applications. Since being declared the W3C standard in 2014, HTML5 has become popular for many reasons. However, the transition entirely to HTML5 still seems daunting for many developers. ChartIQ...

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Thomson Reuters Partner Page Goes Live

ChartIQ’s core charting SDK is available for Eikon App Studio developers as well as for firms that utilize the Elektron API. App Studio allows firms to build custom applications for their Eikon users, integrating Thomson Reuters financial content with proprietary systems and protocols. With Eikon...

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JavaScript Charting Libraries: HTML5 Canvas vs. SVG

In the development and build out of our core product, HTML5 Charting Library, ChartIQ weighed which technology would deliver the best performance for our time series charting library.

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Web Components Product Release

Charlottesville, VA June 23, 2016 - ChartIQ announces the global release and integration of W3C standard Web Components- the most modern approach to HTML5 web development - into their financial charting library. As the only charting vendor supporting a Web Component architecture, ChartIQ offers a...

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Redefining Financial Visualization - Interview at TABB Forum

On a recent trip to New York to present at FinTech Connect, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the guys at TABB Group.  TABB is a research and advisory firms that that exclusively focuses on the capital markets. After about an hour of chatting with their founders, we headed to a video...

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