Vive La (HTML5) Revolution

The best revolutions are those that proceed quietly to make the world a better place, without disruption or violence along the way. The disadvantage of these kind of transformations is that they can go unnoticed, and those who prefer to stick in the past can more easily turn away from change.

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Snapping and Docking Windows with Finsemble

Snapping and docking with Finsemble allows users to rapidly create groups of windows that join and move together. Users can swiftly spawn necessary components and bring them together into unified configurations that can be relocated to different locations on the screen, even moved across...

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ChartIQ Introduces Finsemble, an HTML5 Desktop Framework Built on OpenFin

ChartIQ, the leader in HTML5 for capital markets, has announced the launch of its latest product – Finsemble. Finsemble is the first HTML5 desktop application framework, providing modern user experience (UX) APIs, drop-in components, and the ability to integrate legacy .NET, and Java alongside...

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ChartIQ Announces Newest Product, Finsemble, at FinDEVr New York 2017

ChartIQ presented at Finovate's FinDEVr New York event on March 21-22, 2017 and unvelied it's latest product - Finsemble. Finsemble is an Openfin application framework that provides a UX/UI toolkit for building multi-window financial desktop applications. 

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