Considering PWAs for your Desktop Interoperability Project? Read this first.

In the world of desktop interoperability, there’s currently a lot of buzz around Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs. PWAs are applications built from the web technologies we know and love, like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, but with a feel and functionality that rivals an actual native app. As...

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FDC3 1.1 brings true cross-platform support for vendors looking to distribute applications to the buy- and sell-side.

Exciting news for application interoperability was just announced with the new FDC3 1.1 standards. For the first time, application vendors can write to a single API and distribute their applications to users of any smart desktop platform. FDC3's new universal "API entry-point" interface will...

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Open Sourcing our Secure Electron Adapter: a Game-Changer for Smart Desktop Technology.

As the smart desktop continues to gain momentum in financial institutions, solutions providers depend on a number of modern technologies to realize that vision, including Electron—a container for creating desktop applications with web technologies. Electron has over 100 million installations...

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A New Extension of Desktop Integration

Finsemble is a desktop integration platform that connects all of your applications together—modern or legacy, in-house or third-party. This is done with little to no development work.

With Finsemble, all your applications can exchange information with each...

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Finsemble 4.0: LessonS Learned in Our UI Refresh

At ChartIQ we believe beautiful UI design is not a one-and-done task—it's constantly changing. After several iterations of Finsemble's UI, we've learned a lot about making a beautiful UI that reinforces a user's flow state. We've folded these lessons into a general overhaul of our UI for...

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Advanced Application Management in Finsemble 4.0

As organizations grow, so do their application portfolios. When building Finsemble 4.0, we discovered different use cases for application management based on the various needs of users and organizations.

With new advanced application management functionality, Finsemble 4.0 helps businesses...

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Presentation: How Open Source Software Gives Commercial Vendors the Power to Protect Niche Interests

What does it mean when small commercial vendors have the power of influence in fintech open-source projects? ChartIQ CTO and co-founder Terry Thorsen discusses this relationship in his presentation from the 2019 FINOS Open Source Strategy conference.

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ipushpull Joins the Finsemble Ecosystem

The Finsemble Ecosystem brings the best of fintech applications together to create an intelligent, meaningful workflow for the end user. This week’s featured partner is ipushpull.

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Integrate Applications on the Desktop Faster with Finsemble.

Check out our partner Adaptive’s post Reactive Trader Now Runs in Finsemble

Finsemble is a desktop integration platform with pre-built desktop services that allow developers to build a cohesive desktop faster than they thought possible.

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The Importance of Ecosystem

The term ecosystem has historically been tied to ecology, and refers to the interconnectedness of a community of organisms and the environment in which they reside. In more recent years, the term has been adopted by the software industry to describe the relationship between a community of...

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