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Posted on by Khari Williams

The Intern in Uncharted Territory

My name is Khari Williams and this summer I marketed charts. Not just any old charts, but financial charts by ChartIQ, headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia. Uniquely enough, I was only the third intern ever hired by this fast growing fintech company.


Currently, I am a rising fourth year at the University of Virginia studying commerce and as most students do in their last year of college, I went out and looked for an internship to get some valuable work experience before it was time to go off and work for the rest of my life, or at least most of it.

Coming into ChartIQ, I had never heard of the term fintech nor did I know how useful HTML5 was for developing financial applications. I also didn’t know how cool marketing financial charts would be. My first week I quickly became acquainted and familiar with our product line and all my new co-workers, along with Andy - the CEO’s dog. I came into the front doors of ChartIQ super excited to come to work and learn new things about the financial industry. 102 days later, I would exit through those same doors ending my internship with the same level of excitement as when I started with, but with a vast amount of knowledge of the fintech world.

During my time at ChartIQ, I began to see how much of everything we do in today’s age is controlled by code and technology, specifically technical analysis charts. Before ChartIQ, I understood what technical analysis was and how charts can help influence investment decisions at a basic level. After interning at ChartIQ, I now know how much work goes into building financial charts, data visualization tools, and all the extra features that are needed to provide users with the best trading experience, but also meet the needs of product managers, development teams, and other financial professionals. It was amazing to see the importance of what we were doing here was crucial to the success of traders, investors, and analysts on one end and fintech startups, retail brokerages, and institutional banks on the other.

All of this would be difficult to explain to people working outside of ChartIQ, just as it was hard for me to comprehend on my first day on the job. The marketing team showed me the significance of each product, how our products differentiated from our competitors, and just how robust the fintech industry is.

My marketing internship at ChartIQ was jam-packed and filled with new experiences. I learned how to read analytics and dissect data that helps better understand how to engage with new audiences as well as what makes current customers tick. I’ve gained vast knowledge on how to manage accounts through Salesforce and engage prospects through marketing funnels via HubSpot. I’ve also learned how to harness the power of social media to generate new leads through thought-leadership content and company updates. The most important lesson was learning how to integrate the various platforms together in order to improve engagement from both a brand awareness and lead generation prospective. By combining the platforms together, I could figure out ways to appeal to certain audiences and show not only the importance of charts, but the advantages of working with ChartIQ. Finally, I was given access to talk with our customers on how ChartIQ has been able to help their business, and it was amazing to hear about how impressed their users were with ChartIQ integrated products.

ChartIQ has shown me what it really takes to build industry-leading software that many on Wall Street and others around the world take for granted each day. It takes a great team of minds to build, market, and supply the financial industry with innovative tools and technology. Everything we do is powered by something or someone in the background that won’t always get mentioned, but plays a crucial role in the success of everyday activities.

Now as I ride off into the sunset, I can now look forward to starting my last year at the University of Virginia and answer, “What did you do this summer?” with an unexpected “I marketed stock charts, and it was pretty damn cool!”

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