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Presentation: How Open Source Software Gives Commercial Vendors the Power to Protect Niche Interests

What does it mean when small commercial vendors have the power of influence in fintech open-source projects? ChartIQ CTO and co-founder Terry Thorsen discusses this relationship in his presentation from the 2019 FINOS Open Source Strategy conference.

Major open source projects that we all depend upon, like Chromium and Electron, are managed by a small set of individuals who work for west coast technology firms. As big as the multinational banks are, their technology departments don't have the bandwidth or focus to ensure that their interests will be considered as those projects evolve.

ChartIQ (and vendors like us) represent the entire finance industry, and because of that focus we have the ability to stay tuned in with those projects. As such, we can ensure that the needs of our constituents are considered in the evolution of those open source projects.

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About the Author
Terry Thorsen is the co-founder and CTO of ChartIQ, a provider of financial charting and desktop interoperability applications. In 1994, Terry wrote the first online trading system which later became Ameritrade. He then went on to found Automated Financial Systems, a provider of financial software to banks and brokerages. Terry has held senior management positions at SunGard and Brokat AG.