Fintech Visionary Joins ChartIQ

Julie Armstrong joins ChartIQ as Chief Commercial Officer, bringing extensive global experience. 

ChartIQ welcomes Julie Armstrong, who will be responsible for executing all sales, marketing, and communications strategies worldwide. With nearly two decades of experience in the financial...

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New partner: ag-Grid

The Finsemble Ecosystem brings the best of fintech applications together to create an intelligent, meaningful workflow for the end user. Now ag-Grid datagrids are compatible with Ecosystem applications.

Performance at the core

ag-Grid is a datagrid used to display and manipulate large amounts of...

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Featured Ecosystem Partner: Adaptable Tools

 The Finsemble Ecosystem brings the best of fintech applications together to create an intelligent, meaningful workflow for the end user. This week’s featured partner is Adaptable Tools.

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Electron Security and Finsemble


We recently announced that Finsemble, our desktop integration platform, supports Electron as the base layer of its tech stack.

Ensuring that Finsemble on Electron achieved impeccable security standards took substantial effort. For Electron developers or information professionals evaluating...

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The Smart Desktop for Finance Belongs to Finsemble and Electron


Standing by our commitment to help the finance world work smarter, we are proud to announce that our desktop integration platform, Finsemble, now supports Electron. Read press release here.

Electron (developed and maintained by Github) is the leading, open-source web container for writing...

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Questions to Ask When Building a Financial Smart Desktop

If you are looking to improve workspace management with a financial smart desktop, ask yourself (or the vendor you may be vetting) these questions before starting your digital transformation project. 

Question 1: What is provided out-of-the-box?

At ChartIQ, we discovered the issues engineers...

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ChartIQ Announces a New Chapter with Series B Funding.

We are delighted to bring you the news of our Series B Funding announced today (Press Release Here). I couldn’t be more proud of the hard work the team at ChartIQ has put in for us to get here. This funding will help us remain devoted to our charting library software, while ushering in our...

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Build a Smarter Financial Desktop with Finsemble

Check out the recent Markets Media piece featuring Finsemble - ChartIQ's application integration platform built to improve financial-services workflows and unify the unconnected app landscape on the financial desktop.

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How a Unified Desktop Streamlines Users' Workflows



To scale in today’s fast-paced finance environment, organizations need an effective way to clarify and communicate data from multiple sources and display that data in a single, unified desktop experience.

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The Anatomy Of Finsemble Part 3 - The Nuts and Bolts

In Part 2 of our Anatomy of Finsemble blog series, we talked about what made Finsemble tick. If you took an x-ray of Finsemble, you might observe a "skeleton" made up of two pieces called the Distributed Store and the Router. 

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