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Posted on by Shawn Deegan, General Manager, EMEA at Yellowfin International

Delivering Customized Workspaces With Enhanced BI to the Finance Sector



I’ve been thoroughly enjoying delivering a series of blogs on Yellowfin’s website, which examine the products, services and client benefits borne out of Yellowfin’s partnerships, so I am delighted to have been asked by our partner ChartIQ, to write this guest post for their blog. 

Customizable Desktop Apps

ChartIQ is already laser-focussed on providing the fastest path to innovation and has successfully guided many organizations through the quagmire of legacy technology and primitive mainframes to a lighter, more flexible and powerful stack. It does this with its application integration platform, Finsemble, which enables financial firms to quickly and easily deploy applications to the desktop using HTML5 and powerful APIs.

Customizable desktop applications allow organizations to seamlessly extend application capabilities and connect to web, custom and even legacy systems. They also offer clear benefits such as greater accessibility, agility and responsiveness, consistency across the business, budget predictability, and better alignment with the growing needs of the business.

The Finsemble Ecosystem & Yellowfin

ChartIQ has formed partnerships with a select group of top technology companies and added their products to the Finsemble Ecosystem. Finance clients can browse these third-party applications and choose to integrate those that align to their particular business requirements, within their personal workspace. Yellowfin is delighted to be a premier partner of this ecosystem, helping to redefine how top tier Finance institutions consume analytics.

Why Yellowfin?

Ranked as one of the Top 5 analytics platforms across all 15 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms in 2018, Yellowfin helps organizations to become more insights-driven. It does this with minimal manual effort thanks to its assisted insights and assisted data discovery capabilities, and by automatically generating charts and identifying key patterns. Yellowfin not only tells you what has happened, but why, faster than any other BI solution on the market. It’s a highly flexible platform that stands out for ease of use, and it can be seamlessly embedded into any application.

How Yellowfin Benefits Finsemble Users

Together, Yellowfin and ChartIQ deliver advanced data visualizations that convey business insights that are quickly and easily accessed, and that can be customized for any banking community.

Yellowfin’s flexible BI and analytics environment launches securely through the Finsemble platform - direct to the report creator with specified access rights, so there is no need to login separately. Users can launch individual reports, create, customize and filter reports, to match their needs. Multiple reports can be viewed at once, saved and stored within an individual’s workspace. They can also use a federated search across the web apps on their desktop, to build dashboards that combine datasets across web and legacy systems, in a matter of minutes. Business intelligence reports also can be incorporated and shared onto the desktop of other users across the organisation making analytics shareable and easy to consume.

The Finsemble APIs enable users to add interactions such as a slaved filter palette and co-filtering with the linker microservice. Yellowfin’s JavaScript API can be utilised to apply an array of report filters to each report for different purposes, which can then be easily shared within teams or across cross-functional teams in different formats with different access rights. The linker API for example can also be used to link graphs and share context straight to the open terminal, so traders can access them for critical tasks such as stock comparison. All of this can be achieved via self-service, with each user creating the workspace and types of report that best suit their role - ultimately putting them in complete control.

I’m delighted about Yellowfin being an integral part of ChartIQ’s Finsemble Ecosystem. We see this as a huge opportunity to deliver the best possible BI and data visualisation tools to forward-thinking financial clients, and an exciting move towards making their important work more efficient and ultimately more pleasurable.

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