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Employee Spotlight - Lauren Gibbs

Meet Lauren Gibbs  - ChartIQ's first (and only) woman software engineer and graduate of James Madison University's SMAD and Computer Science programs. Gibbs was monumental in helping build Technician, ChartIQ's first retail technical analysis application, in her first few months on the job. She has since taken on multiple new roles within ChartIQ,  helping build seed projects, maintaining the company's core charting library, and much more. Lauren was recently highlighted in Beyond the Workplace, a publication that covered her mentoring efforts within the community. Gibbs is motivated to produce a more diversified group of programmers in years to come.

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Gibbs is a young female programmer in an industry dominated by men. She understands (and has experienced first-hand) being the minority within technology -- and wants that to change.  Outside of her dedicated work at ChartIQ, Gibbs advocates for more diversity in technology by teaching young kids to code. She not only sees the importance of women taking on roles within software development teams, but wants to encourage more diversity in the field in general. Gibbs believes exposing children to code at an early age will help change the future demographic of programmers.
Diversity supports better problem solving approaches, Gibbs thinks. When there is an opportunity to hear all points-of-view from all types of people and backgrounds, decision making is more efficient and accurate, and healthier for business.
The entire team at ChartIQ is extremely proud of what Lauren is accomplishing inside and outside the company. Dan Schleifer, ChartIQ Co-Founder and CEO, said, "Lauren is a great leader for the next generation of developers and a true asset to the team at ChartIQ. We are very proud of her."  
Great job Lauren! 
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