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Posted on by Eric Barden

ChartIQ Releases Native SDKs for iOS and Android

In partnership with ROKO Labs, ChartIQ now provides native SDKs for iOS and Android developers who want to add advanced charting capabilities to their mobile applications. These SDKs allow developers to integrate advanced charting while working directly in Swift, ObjectiveC, or Java inside the XCode and Android Studio development IDEs (an Integrated Development Environment consolidates tools for developers to test code).

roko labs.png

Additionally, ChartIQ has released sample financial charting applications that use the native SDKs. These are available through publicly accessible repos on Github. Each sample app contains a full implementation of a charting app that demonstrate how to use the charting library and how to hook native mobile UI directly to charting using the native SDK. Developers can jump start their own mobile projects by cloning and forking the seed projects.

 Contact us at to obtain a copy of the charting library to plug into these projects.

Interested in our Charting Library? Check out the demo.