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Posted on by Eric Barden

ChartIQ Introduces Finsemble, an Application Integration Platform Built for Financial Desktops

We officially announce the launch of its our product – Finsemble. Finsemble is the first HTML5 application integration platform built for an unparalleled desktop experience. It provides modern user experience (UX) with unique APIs, drop-in components, and the ability to integrate legacy .NET, and Java applications. Clients can use Finsemble to deliver proprietary content and data, along with content from ChartIQ, and other third-party applications.Multi-window desktop applications are inherently more complex than web or mobile apps. They require a brand new set of tools previously unavailable to HTML5 developers. Built on top of a HTML5 container, Finsemble provides the tools for capital markets institutions, brokerages, and financial technology providers to quickly assemble new and existing components into more simplified bespoke desktop applications.

Finsemble provides core desktop functionality such as window and workspace management, snapping and docking, component linking, event routing, storage, authentication, data feed management, and more. A range of pre-built components including charting, blotters, chat, news, and market data widgets are available from ChartIQ and an ecosystem of third-party providers.


“HTML5 is now the standard for building business applications, but so far it has been constrained by the browser. Finsemble is a powerful new toolkit for building advanced HTML5 financial desktop applications, from trading platforms to wealth management workstations” said Dan Schleifer, CEO of ChartIQ. He added, “Finsemble lets developers break outside the <div>, and build powerful multi-window desktop applications in HTML5 while still supporting a firm’s legacy .NET and Java investment.”

“Finsemble makes it incredibly easy to build complex, multi-window applications on OpenFin,” commented Mazy Dar, CEO of OpenFin. “This new framework from ChartIQ will accelerate time-to-market and improve end-user experience for financial industry applications.”

Learn more about the power of Finsemble.