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Finsemble 4.0: LessonS Learned in Our UI Refresh

At ChartIQ we believe beautiful UI design is not a one-and-done task—it's constantly changing. After several iterations of Finsemble's UI, we've learned a lot about making a beautiful UI that reinforces a user's flow state. We've folded these lessons into a general overhaul of our UI for...

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Advanced Application Management in Finsemble 4.0

As organizations grow, so do their application portfolios. When building Finsemble 4.0, we discovered different use cases for application management based on the various needs of users and organizations.

With new advanced application management functionality, Finsemble 4.0 helps businesses...

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Electron Security and Finsemble


We recently announced that Finsemble, our desktop integration platform, supports Electron as the base layer of its tech stack.

Ensuring that Finsemble on Electron achieved impeccable security standards took substantial effort. For Electron developers or information professionals evaluating...

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The Anatomy Of Finsemble Part 3 - The Nuts and Bolts

In Part 2 of our Anatomy of Finsemble blog series, we talked about what made Finsemble tick. If you took an x-ray of Finsemble, you might observe a "skeleton" made up of two pieces called the Distributed Store and the Router. 

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The Anatomy of Finsemble Part 2- The What, The Why, and The How

Finsemble’s What

Before we dive deeper, let’s answer a simple question: what is Finsemble physically? The easiest way to think about a Finsemble application is that it is a "site." The site that is being displayed is composed of many pieces. Each piece—chart component, toolbar, microservice,...

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The Anatomy of Finsemble Part 1 - An introduction

When you first see Finsemble, you see the toolbar stretching across the top of the screen. It’d be easy to equate the toolbar with Finsemble. After all, what you see is what you get...right? But the toolbar is just the tip of the Finsemble iceberg!

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How ChartIQ Applied The Core Principles of Great UX When Building Their Capital Markets Integration Platform

We've learned many lessons on our journey to Finsemble 3.0, and we know that the journey is never over. If you haven’t read part one in this series check it out here. (Click here) This post describes how ChartIQ took five core principles of delivering great UX and describes in further detail how...

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Five Core Principles for Delivering Great UX on Any Platform


Do you know that feeling where you're getting good, productive work done? The feeling when you glance down at the clock and realize an hour has ticked by without you noticing? Psychologists call this state "flow." It happens when you're able to focus entirely at the task at hand.

Great design...

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Organizing the Sales Dashboard for Maximum Success

Unifying the Desktop: E Pluribus Unum

Imagine all the tools within your workflow—legacy, modern, and third-party—working together in an integrated and unified desktop experience. Finsemble, a powerful HTML5 application framework seamlessly assembles and syncs disparate applications for capital...

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< DIV > on the Desktop

Overhauling a technology stack is time consuming, expensive, and laborious. However, being left behind could be disastrous for an institution.

How do you keep your head above water when there’s a sea change?

It’s clear that companies must adapt in an economical and intelligent way. This...

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