Version 2.0 of Financial Portals & Widgets is HERE!

We've recently redesigned our HTML5 financial portals and widgets with an increased foucs on ease of use, flexibility, and interactivity. Our HTML5 portals and widgets ( like our core product solution )  can be used across all device types with full functionality and use our award-winning...

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Chartiq Joins Symphony's Software Foundation

ChartIQ is pleased to announce it's membership into Symphony's Software Foundation. Symphony's Software Foundation is a one year old nonprofit organization who's mission is to further advance open source software innovation within the financial industry via it's own secure collaborative...

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HTML5 Applications and Security

It is not difficult to operate software in a secure environment: disconnect from the Internet, move the host computer into a vault, and limit physical access to vetted users. This is exactly how governments protect their most sensitive information. Obviously this solution won’t work for...

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Easy Interaction Between Our Widgets, Our Portal and Your Site

In my previous blog post, I mentioned the interaction between our widgets and our portal in our demo website.

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Javascript Charting Libraries: HTML5 Canvas Element vs. SVG

In the development and build out of our core product (a JavaScript charting library built for capital market applications) ChartIQ weighed which technology would deliver the best performance for our time series charting library and why.

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Automatically Generating Context Sensitive Widgets and Portal Pages

In my last blog post about the creation of our financial Portal and Widgets demo website, I mentioned that you can easily and automatically generate portal pages and widgets with custom tickers with just a few lines of javascript. In this post, I dig deeper with a step-by-step how to guide....

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Integrating Financial Content Seamlessly with Widgets

We recently introduced our new independent small widgets which are fully customizable and interact with our portal. Just like the portal, they come with data included which means no US exchange fees, very low negotiated index fees and optional real-time and international data.

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Ipreo Taps ChartIQ & Xignite for IR Equities Data

Ipreo, a leader in market intelligence solutions for issuers, investors, and other market participants, launched HTML5 Widgets built by ChartIQ and powered by market data from our friends at Xignite. These widgets deliver real-time market data pricing to investors and IR officers through Ipreo's...

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Economic Times of India Launches ChartIQ's HTML5 Charts

Today I'm thrilled to announce that the Economic Times of India today launched their implementation of ChartIQ's HTML5 charting package.  Their implementation brings in a live feed of the NSE and BSE as well as corporate actions, the ability to compare instruments across exchanges, and many...

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Redefining Financial Visualization - Interview at TABB Forum

On a recent trip to New York to present at FinTech Connect, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the guys at TABB Group.  TABB is a research and advisory firms that that exclusively focuses on the capital markets. After about an hour of chatting with their founders, we headed to a video...

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