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Posted on by Eric Barden

Top 6 MT4 WebTrader Platform Capabilities Every Broker Should Consider

1) Hostability - How is your web trading platform being hosted? 

With new technology in WebTrader platforms, brokers have flexibility - if you aren’t feeling this as a broker, you may not be using the best tools.  Brokers now have the option to either host and maintain web trading solutions within their own infrastructure or host everything on servers provided by their solutions provider.

2) Connectivity speed & support - Do you have a persistent connection?

As a broker or a trader, speed is everything. Ensuring you implement the right kind of technology will guarantee your uptime and trade data delivery. Using websockets allows for full-duplex communication over a single TCP channel and this means your trade data is always right at your fingertips. Many WebTraders no longer support IE9 and other browsers -- ChartIQ offers support for those browsers without websockets, and in doing so provides brokers a bridge from legacy WebTraders to future trading systems.


3) Accessibility - Built for trading of tomorrow or lingering legacy web trading platform?

Without cross-platform delivery to mobile, web, tablet and desktop - a trading tool isn’t harnessing new technology. Enabling your users an easy log-in process with existing MT4 credentials along with the ability to open trades on one platform and close them in another, provides users with the modern day mobility needed to compete and succeed in today’s online trade environment. Extra credit: Look for dedicated phone versions that can be licensed separately.

4) Scalability - Ready for online trade success and trade volume?

Don’t let your online web trading success ultimately be your failure. If your infrastructure and platform isn’t built for scale, update immediately. ChartIQ’s WebTrader platform allows brokers to easily accept more users and assign user groups without requiring a restart of any components. In an advanced charting dock - similar to the multi-chart features in MT4 desktop terminal - traders can freely move charts, resize, change interval and much more. In addition we allow up to 10 charts that can be traded from directly.

3-1.png5) 100% Customization - Can you make it yours?

Ensure you have full access to front end source code. This will allow any number of changes to layout, theme, adding/removing modules, modifying HTML, languages and everything else you would want to design. Make the online trading experience yours and unlike any competitor.

6) Reporting & Analytics - Do you have (the right) data?

Reporting dashboards are a critical piece of the puzzle. Look for platforms that  provide the broker with the following reports and analytics to get the most out of your web trading experience. This includes a real-time view on what’s happening on the WebTrader, how many users are currently connected, real-time trading activities, historical trading, log-in reporting and export functionality are key. Statistics modules are also available that give users a real time view on trading performance, historical profit/loss and past and current drawdown.

For more on how modern HTML5 web trading platforms should function, check out ChartIQ's WebTrader trading platform and try a FREE demo.