StockTwits Launches ChartIQ Advanced Stock Charting

ChartIQ, the leader in HTML5 financial charting for capital markets will formally launch its partnership with StockTwits at their annual Stocktoberfest event on October 14th in Coronado, CA. Stocktoberfest is a 2-day conference bringing leading CEOs, traders, and investors together to discuss...

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Considering the Pitfalls of Legacy Technology

Consider this. It always feels easier to stay in our comfort zones.

As developers, our comfort zones are typically defined by the technologies we know, whether it be an operating system, a language, a framework, or a library. However, what we know best can often be a legacy technology, which in...

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Accenture's Fintech Innovation Lab with Video

A sneak peek and introduction to the eight startups selected to participate in the FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific in 2016.

The selected startups will receive senior-level mentoring with Accenture to help them develop and commercialize their innovations, and connect with potential customers...

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Developer Resources: 5 Great HTML5 Reads + Bonus

The days of a fragmented internet and disjointed online user experience has finally come to a head thanks to the monumental shift to HMTL5. Companies of all shapes and sizes - and from all industries - have moved from legacy technology to HTML5. The shift has gained momentum as companies have...

ChartIQ Joins Symphony Partner Program


ChartIQ is welcomed as a Symphony partner and will participate in the official launch event Symphony Innovate 2016 on October 6th, in New York City.  As a partner, ChartIQ will contribute immersive and interactive charting technology and display to Symphony’s secure and compliant chat...

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Zerodha Partners with ChartIQ for HTML5 Charting Solutions

ChartIQ, the leader in HTML5 financial charting for capital markets, announced its partnership with Zerodha, India’s leading online discount brokerage firm. The partnership enables Zerodha to deliver a modern and immersive trading interface to over...

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The Bridge to HTML5: Going "All In" with Containers

Using Containers for your HTML5 Build.

Builders of new applications can consider going “all in” by starting their projects with an HTML5 “container.” A container is a platform that embeds Chromium into a native shell, so that a developer doesn’t need to actually write any C++ to build their...

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The Bridge to HTML5: Integrate HTML5 Into Your Technology Stack

Many developers today, as much as 37%, are not implementing HTML5  at all or only somewhat in their applications. Since being declared the W3C standard in 2014, HTML5 has become popular for many reasons. However, the transition to complete HTML5 for many developers still seems daunting. ChartIQ...

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Easy Interaction Between Our Widgets, Our Portal and Your Site

In my previous blog post, I mentioned the interaction between our widgets and our portal in our demo website.

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ChartIQ Selected for FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific

August 23, 2016 -- Charlottesville, VA   ChartIQ, provider of HTML5 financial charting and data visualization solutions, has been selected for Accenture’s prestigious FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific. The accelerator program helps promising fintech companies specializing in enterprise...

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