ChartIQ Adds Financial Powerhouse Fidessa to Customer Portfolio

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HTML5 Applications and Security

It is not difficult to operate software in a secure environment: disconnect from the Internet, move the host computer into a vault, and limit physical access to vetted users. This is exactly how governments protect their most sensitive information. Obviously this solution won’t work for...

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TORA Integrates New Advanced Charting Solutions by ChartIQ

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec.15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- TORA, provider of the industry's most advanced investment management platform, today announced the launch of a sophisticated new multi-asset charting technology powered by ChartIQ.

The fully integrated new tool, which supplements TORA's existing...

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ChartIQ Wins Best Trading and Analytics Award

Waters Technology celebrated the financial industry last night at the 12th annual American Financial Technology Awards (AFTAs) in New York City. Hosted by Waters Technology, the AFTAs recognize excellence in the deployment and management of financial technology within asset management and...

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Top 6 MT4 WebTrader Platform Capabilities Every Broker Should Consider

1) Hostability - How is your web trading platform being hosted? 

With new technology in WebTrader platforms, brokers have flexibility - if you aren’t feeling this as a broker, you may not be using the best tools.  Brokers now have the option to either host and maintain web trading solutions...

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Why Should Developers Use JavaScript Modules?

Packaging HTML5

HTML5 is powerful, expressive, and expansive. It does exactly what it was designed to do: describe the structure of web pages.

But you can’t create an interesting web application with HTML5 alone. Most developers want to create immersive, interactive experiences; you can't do...

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The Bridge to HTML5: The Extra Mile of Design

Considerations for HTML5 Containers

Containers, of course, are not all wine and roses. Working within a container exposes new considerations for HTML5 developers and requires some rethinking about design and technique. It is critical to put the extra work in, otherwise, your desktop-based...

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Part 2 of 2: Enhancing Clarity through UX Design

The Paradox of Choice

In the past, veteran users of fintech products attributed the “power” of software to having a myriad of functions available at their fingertips. For new traders, however, having too many choices can be debilitating. Barry Schwartz’s decade-old TED talk, The Paradox of Choice

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A Note from our CEO on the Fintech Innovation Lab

An Overview of the APAC Fintech Innovation Lab from CEO, Dan Schleifer

We were accepted in to Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab, which is a unique accelerator program, designed specifically for financial technology companies focused on institutional capital markets. For us, it was incredible...

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Part 1 of 2: The Importance of UX in Financial Applications

Context: Fintech and UX

Asking for a designer’s input on how to clean up any interface involving financial data feels like a throwback to the early days of an airplane cockpit design. You have an interface that is almost filled entirely with indicators, levers and gauges, with identical switches...

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