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Posted on by Dan Schleifer

Economic Times of India Launches ChartIQ's HTML5 Charts

Today I'm thrilled to announce that the Economic Times of India today launched their implementation of ChartIQ's HTML5 charting package.  Their implementation brings in a live feed of the NSE and BSE as well as corporate actions, the ability to compare instruments across exchanges, and many other features.For those that may not be familiar, Economic Times is the #1 financial news portal in India, with close to 120 million page views a month and over 6.7 million unique visitors (Comscore, Dec'13).

Like many customers, The Economic Times had their own charting solution, but were looking for something that was compelling, interactive, mobile-friendly... and not dependent on Flash or Silverlight.  After evaluating a number of charting engines, they chose ChartIQ as their charting vendor.

Today's deployment is only the beginning - they'll soon be rolling out our charting engine to multiple locations throughout the ET web and mobile experience.

Thrilled to have them as a customer!

-Dan Schleifer, Co-Founder


Economic Times Technical Charts by ChartIQ
Economic Times Technical Charts by ChartIQ